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CHI 2009 Call For Papers

The Human-Computer Interaction Archive

Archival Papers and Notes document work that makes a lasting and significant contribution to our knowledge and understanding of human-computer interaction. The CHI 2009 Organizers have combined the review and submission processes for Papers and Notes, so they are no longer separate submission venues.

Submit by September 19, 2008, 5pm PDT

  • Papers and Notes (archival format, 10 pages maximum for papers, 4 pages maximum for Notes)
  • IMPORTANT CHANGE! The CHI 2009 Papers and Notes program committee will consist of subcommittees that each focus on a subset of topics in human-computer interaction. As an author, you decide which subcommittee reviews your paper. Choose the subcommittee that your believe offers the appropriate audience to review your research. You also will specify a contribution type that guides how the paper should be evaluated by reviewers. Authors should carefully assess the subcommittees and other changes described in the Papers and Notes Call for Participation. Ask any clarifying questions well ahead of the deadline.

Contemporary Trends

Contemporary Trends provoke, intrigue, and inspire the CHI audience. These submissions record the history of HCI practice and innovation outside of the scope of traditional archival papers.

Submit by July 18, 2008

Submit by October 3, 2008

Submit by October 10, 2008

  • Video Showcase (Video Upload Deadline) - must register intent by October 3, 2008

Submit by October 23, 2008

Submit by January 7, 2009


Competitions provide students with an opportunity to work on challenging problems, to exchange ideas, and to compete for awards that provide recognition of excellence.

Submit by January 7, 2009

Design Community

Submit by January 7, 2009

CHI Madness

Recent CHI conferences have a short opening session each day with 30-second synopses of all Papers/Notes and Case Studies that will be presented that day. This session is known as CHI Madness. The CHI Madness Guide for next year's conference will be available here later.